About me

My name is Vu Dao, I am an AWS Community Builder and Devops Engineer passionate about serverless, kubernetes and CDK Typescript, as well as automation thing using Python and Bash shell.

I have deep understanding in developing and operating applications running on AWS Cloud Services and conternarize. Strong experience in Automation as well as CI/CD pipeline (Gitlab-CI/ArgoCD/Jenkins/Azure Devops), monitoring and applying security. Professonal in creating infrastructure as code using Cloud Development Toolkit (CDK) as well as CDK8S for Kubernetes manifests as code.

I'm honor to be on the top 25 AWS Community Contributors for 2021 Q4 and 2022 Q2 in the APAC and Japan regions. Nominated as the Top 5 of AWS Community Builders of the year 2022 in the APAC and Japan regions. Speaker at AWS Summit ASEAN Online 2022. And The 5 most prolific DEV writers for Q4 - 2022!

Let’s keep it simple, smart, and influence real change.

Programming languages

Python, Bash Shell, Typescript, Java


  • AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) - Infrastructure as code
  • CDK8S - Generate Kubernetes manifests as code
  • Apache Airflow - Fundamental and DAG Authoring
  • Boto3, psycopg2, clickhouse-driver, pandas, airflow, slackbot, redis, kubernetes, pyinotify, lxml, kafka, flask, smtplib, threading, requests, etc.


  • Kubernetes, Karpenter, Keda, Kyverno, Vcluster, Docker, Docker Compose, Vagrant, KVM, Virtualbox, Vault Postgresql, Redis, Cassandra, pgAdmin, pgbarman, MongoDB
  • Argo-CD, Gitlab, Github, Gerrit, Jenkins, Ansible, Portainer, HAProxy, Nginx, Fast Reserve Proxy (FRP), GoAccess
  • OpenSearch/ElasticSearch, Kibana, Fluentd, Datadog, Grafana, Glowroot, Monitoror, SQLPad Zookeper, Kafka, SorlCloud, SystemD Jira


Here are certain projects that I have worked in as a Devops Engineer.

πŸš€ Building multiple Kubernetes clusters for Development environments

  • Using Virtual Kubernetes Clusters (vcluser) combine with AWS Karpenter to provide multiple Kubernetes for test and development team.
  • Using AWS CDK to provide and manage IAM role for service account and other AWS resources.
  • Using AWS CDK8S to define Kubernetes applications and reusable abstractions using familiar programming languages and rich object-oriented APIs
  • Using Argo-CD and gitlab-CI to provide CICD for all projects with this architecture
  • Ensure cluster autoscaling and cost optimization at non-working time by using Keda (Kubernetes Event Driven Autoscaling)

πŸš€ Migrate PostgreSQL database on-prem to RDS Aurora serverless V2

  • Build Aurora Serverless v2 cluster using infrastructure as code CDK
  • Ensure database works well after migrating.
  • Build monitoring and RDS dashboard on cloudwatch using cdk-monitoring-contructs
  • Use RDS proxy to enhance the connection performance as well as max number of concurrent connects.

πŸš€ Enhance system and product security since Log4Shell Vulnerability

  • Upgrade OS images for all container images as well as application library to fix CVEs and ensure the base ones are up-to-date with patches.
  • Ensure non-root user in kubernetes container
  • Deploy AWS WAF - Web Application Firewall for multiple regions with managed and customed rules using CDK.

πŸš€ Building Business intelligence datapipeline using Apache Airflow

  • Set up infrastructure both for develop environment using docker-compose and for production using Kubernetes
  • Combine Karpenter and Keda as event-driven workflows to handle Airflow workers for cost saving
  • Lead data team to create DAGs for all the processes of collecting data and building reports daily, sensor to Kafka topic for handling coming events
  • Write all Documents for training and sharing

And more ...

I'm open for a Freelancer Job feel free to connect with me on Linkedin.

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