How To Get Lastest Image Version in AWS ECR

How To Get Lastest Image Version in AWS ECR


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- A python script to get latet image version of application from ECR.

- In some case, developers want to know the latest image version of application such master branch for deploying to staging and product.

- We can provide to them a tool (slackbot, ChatOps, etc.) to call the script.

What’s In This Document

🚀 Get application code

  • Get latest image version of master branch from ECR with prefix master- and lastest pushed at
import boto3
import re

def get_latest_master_image():
    """ Filter images with prefix master- and return the latest pushed one """
    client = boto3.client('ecr', region_name='ap-southeast-1')
    response = client.list_images(

    latest = None
    temp_tag = None

    for image in response['imageIds']:
        tag = image['imageTag']
        if"^master-[0-9]+", tag):
            img = client.describe_images(
                        'imageTag': tag
            pushed_at = img['imageDetails'][0]['imagePushedAt']
            if latest is None:
                latest = pushed_at
                if latest < pushed_at:
                    latest = pushed_at
                    temp_tag = tag
    return temp_tag, latest

version, pushed_at = get_latest_master_image()
print(f'app {version} pushed at {pushed_at}')

🚀 Run test

⚡ $ python 
app master-12163 pushed at 2020-12-31 10:10:53+07:00

🚀 A practice to use this script

  • Using slackbot

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